Create change at my Sports club or code

Your club or organisation has the opportunity to make the healthy choice the easy choice for your members and the wider community. Sometimes making a simple change can have a big impact.

Here are some actions you can take to make your club more health promoting.

  • Run healthier fundraisers – get tips and ideas on how to make your fundraising healthier
  • Provide healthier food or drink options – find resources and guidelines at Good Food Kai Pai
  • Become water only – promote water only sidelines and make sure you have drinking water easily available in the clubrooms instead of sugary drinks. Find out about our Player of the Day initiative 
  • Nurture workplace and volunteer wellbeing – tips and hints of how to build a healthy organisation
  • Choose health promoting sponsors – do your part in breaking the link between fast food and junior sport, find out more
  • Make your clubrooms, events and sidelines smokefree – get resources at
  • Promote alcohol free events and sidelines – find resources to support your actions
  • If your club or organisation is involved in running or contributing to events, check out our events page as well for ideas of actions you can take specific to your events.