The prototyping skills of Healthy Families Hutt Valley’s Systems Innovators came to the fore at a workshop aiming to find new ways to make play more accessible for our communities. 

Healthy Families Hutt Valley and Hutt City Council staff recently took part in a Play Prototyping workshop facilitated by our Lead Systems Innovator Eddie Edmonds.

Edmonds said the brief of the workshop was for teams to create a prototype of a play container that would make play more accessible across our communities, and incorporated a different approach to encouraging play.

He said it was also a great teaching opportunity about how to facilitate a group session to physically create a prototype.

“One of our learnings is to get to the prototyping stage as quickly as possible.

“Many people stay in the planning phase too long and get no momentum or progressive wins, this was a great chance to illustrate to our colleagues that when you prototype you learn things along the way through learning by doing.

“It was also about us at Healthy Families Hutt Valley getting different people together in a room and using our unique skills that we’ve developed to come up with something new and innovative.”

The finished prototypes reflected the wide range of expertise and perspectives in the room, with one of the finished prototypes being a mobile container that could take play to the community, and the other focusing on using technology to bring Māori culture to the fore through play.

“Using our innovation skills we are helping to put play on the agenda for our colleagues and create actionable prototypes that bring play alive for our communities.”

Imagine if our community spaces supported our tamariki to get outside, be active and play.