Healthy food is not the easy choice for everyone. 

Our food retail environment means some of our communities can be considered food swamps, where the density of foods high in fat, sugar and salt with minimal nutritional value outweigh access to healthier food. To see the food retail environment in your community check out our interactive map.

Healthy Families Hutt Valley is working with stakeholders and our community partners to re-activate the food system to make healthy food more accessible and affordable.

Why is this important?

  • Only 70% of Hutt Valley children are eating the recommended amount of fruit which is lower than the rest of New Zealand (74%)
  • Our children are eating too much unhealthy food and drinking too much fizzy
  • Children living in our most deprived areas are 2.1 times more likely to be obese than those living in our least deprived areas

How we’re increasing access to healthy kai

Naenae Market – Access to healthy food is not always easy in Naenae. Healthy Families Hutt Valley worked with community, health and Hutt City Council partners to seed a healthy kai market in Naenae. Following a six-week prototype period, Team Naenae Trust has continued the market and act as the backbone organisation. Healthy Families Hutt Valley continues to provide advice and support on the healthy kaupapa as required. The Naenae Food Market runs from 11am to 2pm every Saturday in Hillary Court.  

Wainuiomata – We are working on a project to understand the relationship between food and the people of Wainuiomata living their best life within their own culture, whānau, and community. The ultimate aim is to work with the community to enable people to live their best life by helping them eat healthy kai often by making food more accessible and affordable. By taking a whole of system approach to see who we can bring together, how we can change policies and how we can change people’s behaviour.

What can you do?


  • Use your consumer power to support healthy kai retailers in your community
  • Visit Naenae Market and check out some of the great healthy kai on offer
  • Visit the market’s Facebook page and korero with your community about how you can be a part of it, by contributing produce or by volunteering at the market

Imagine if our community achieved kai sovereignty, where good food was easily available and affordable for everyone and eating healthy kai was a normal part of everyday life.

Want to help?

Share your insights around the value of healthy kai.