He Oranga Huarahi

Healthy active streets & spaces

Cities have enormous potential to be fun, vibrant places where people want to live, learn, work and play. Our mahi aims to provide a framework for growing Lower Hutt as a place where we positively interact with our surroundings.

Providing safe and user friendly routes between our homes and town and city centres strengthen our connections with our city and each other. We can create these connections giving people a healthy choice of how we easily move between places as well as interesting things to do, see and play along the way. 

Creating these connections brings together previous work on play (including Play in the Hutt), liveable spaces and lovable places and active transport, mirroring the urgent worldwide call for joint action on obesity, undernutrition and climate change (Lancet Commission Report). 

Why is this important?

  • Just over half of adults in the Hutt Valley are physically active but 12% do little or no physical activity
  • 74% of people in the Hutt Valley get to work by car and only 34% of children get to school using active modes of transport
  • Across the Hutt Valley 81% of children watch more than the recommended two hours of screen time per day (excludes screen time for school or homework)

How we’re creating healthy active streets & spaces

Healthy Families Hutt Valley has established a new Healthy City Design Lead role for two years to focus on how we can design our city to enable our health and wellbeing. Together with Council colleagues, we’re working to provide practical and measurable indicators to inform design decisions for our streets and public spaces.

Healthy Families Hutt Valley is providing leadership to a cross Hutt City Council working group that is developing the Streets Alive framework. The framework will provide practical and measurable indicators to inform design decisions for our streets and public spaces.

What can you do?


  • Take your tamariki to a playground, go for a bike ride, play some touch or kick a football around
  • Check out Council’s Play in the Hutt webpage and see what opportunities there are to enhance the play opportunities for your tamariki and rangatahi 

Imagine if our local environments supported our whānau to thrive and reach their personal and collective potential.

Hīkoikoi me eke pahikara

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