Create change at my Workplace

It is estimated that many of us spend 90,000 hours at work over our lifetime. By making our workplaces healthier, we’re making a big difference to everyone that spends time there not just employees but customers and visitors too.

There are lots of tools available to support making your workplace healthier. Good4Work is a free and easy to use web based workplace wellbeing tool specifically designed for small to medium sized organisations. WorkWell is a free workplace wellness initiative that is ideal for larger organisations. It provides step by step support and mentoring from a WorkWell advisor, easy to use resources and recognition through accreditation.

Here are some actions that can help you create a healthier workplace.

  • Run a workplace wellbeing programme – there are different workplace programmes to suit different workplaces. Find the tools that work for you on our work page
  • Grow your own healthy kai – view this useful video about building your own māra kai
  • Promote being active at work – get ideas of how to include activity in your day
  • Encourage walking or standing meetings – ditch the meeting room and get some fresh air while you work.
  • Enable active transport to and from work – find out how to support your team to get to work actively
  • Develop a smokefree and vapefree policy – get sample policies from 
  • Expand your smokefree and vapefree areas – find more information at
  • Offer quit smoking support  – connect with local stop smoking provider Takiri mai te ata
  • Be a responsible host – get times tips to ease up on the drink for employers