Hutt City Council and Healthy Families Hutt Valley staff have been putting the pedal to the metal in illustrating the overwhelming benefits of a cheap, fast and healthy form of active travel.

In August this year a new e bike was bought to increase the sustainable, active transport options available to staff based at Pelorus Trust Sportshouse.

In just five months since the e bike arrived staff have clocked up more than 1200 kilometres (kms), biking an average of 60kms a week.

Healthy Families Hutt Valley Healthy City Design Lead Mark Shanks said the 13 cents it cost to fully charge the e bike for 40kms of travel worked out to a cost per kilometre of just 0.3 cents.

“Given the cost per km to fully charge the bike means it cost just $3.60 to cover the 1200kms staff have clocked up thus far, an amazingly low cost for such a significant amount of travel.”

Hutt City Council Sustainability and Resilience Manager Jörn Scherzer, said the cost of charging up the bike was a fraction of the cost of fuelling a typical car used by Council.

“If you are looking at the cost of fuel, then a conventional vehicle such as a Toyota Corolla may use about six litres of fuel per 100km, which works out to a cost of $13.20 per 100km, or 13 cents per km.

“So fuel-wise the cost per km is more than 43 times the cost of using the e bike.”

Mark said the bike was a far healthier and more environmentally friendly way to get around than a car.

“Also, with the help the rider gets from the electric motor the time it takes to get to your destination is often no longer than in a vehicle.”

Mark said the bike was ideal for the kinds of short trips that Council staff make, with a typical journey between Pelorus Trust Sports Park in Seaview and the Walter Nash Hub in Taita, a distance of nine kms,
taking just 20 minutes and costing just 2.7 cents.

“The low cost of the e bike combined with its significant usage helps to reinforce our reasons for advocating for the purchase of the bike in the first place.”

Imagine if organisations made e bikes a normal part of their fleet.