Kick-started through Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency through their Innovating Streets for People pilot fund, Auaha Evolving Spaces brings together projects that put making space for people at the centre of design decisions.

Healthy Families Hutt Valley is actively involved in two projects including the Knights Road Connection project and Jackson Street project.  Through Auaha Evolving Spaces we’re showing our commitment to community-led changes that ensure our environments enable more people to use active modes of travel and contribute to our physical and social wellbeing.

The Knights Road Connection project is working towards creating a safer and more people friendly journey along Knights Road regardless of transport choice. The project has just completed the first phase of engagement and co-design, and celebrated the first physical change on Knights Road with the creation of a new pop-up park. The park creates a physical “home” for the project, as well as signalling that there will be further changes trialled over the next few months. 

Aileen Campbell, Project Lead says “In our early engagement we heard that people wanted a physical site to stay informed about the project, a more attractive journey and additional seating. The design has been inspired from this community feedback and created from recycled materials by local schools and artists.”

Celebrating the completion of the pop-up park also provided the opportunity to engage with residents, commuters and community members on what is happening next with the project. In late January, temporary “micro-mobility” (bikes, scooters and other wheeled transport) lanes will be trialled down approximately 600 metres of Knights Road between Waterloo Station and Willoughby Street.

Gaining feedback and insights on the first five weeks of this trial will inform design decisions for a longer stretch of Knights Road, enabling a safer and more enjoyable connection between Waterloo Station and the Lower Hutt CBD.

The project for Jackson Street is in the workshop and engagement phase with a focus on growing our understanding of the current experience on Jackson Street. The project team are encouraging anyone that uses Jackson Street to complete a walking audit. The insights gathered from the walking audits along with the workshop outputs will give us an opportunity to see Jackson Street through the eyes of those that love it most, its business owners, residents and visitors. 

To find out more or get involved with either the Knights Road Connection Project or the work on Jackson Street visit our Facebook page or the Auaha Evolving Spaces website.